Question ARGB Issue: Lian Li LanCool II and Gigabyte Z390 Designare

Dec 20, 2020
So the last time I built a PC was over 20 years ago (Pentium days) and, my oh my, have things changed since then :) Now trying to help my 14yo son build his first gaming PC. We have a Gigabyte z390 Designare system board, an EVGA BQ 600 PSU,and a Lian Li LAN COOL II case. Will eventually (hopefully) source a 2060 Super or 3060 GPU soon.

Anyway - the sparse Lian Li documentation shows the "LED control installation" has a 3pin connector (4 wide, one blank) that is supposed to connect to "Address LED Header" on the system board. The Gigabyte Z390 Designare has a "LED_C RGB LED Strip Header" which has four pins. My research so far implies that the system board is RGB and the case is ARGB - but would like confirmation.

The case also has a flat connector (SATA?) that is supposed to connect to the PSU but our EVGA BQ does not have a female receptacle of this type (through of course it does have SATA cables).

The Lian Li website clearly says "ATTENTION: Make sure you connect the header to the 3 pin header on the motherboard otherwise unrepairable damage will occur". This is not in the manual however.

Anyone have a proposal on how to best resolve this? I don't mind buying an ARGB hub/controller or whatever but am leery of selecting one on my own. I almost bought the Cooler Master Hub but Amazon reviews say it uses connectors which are too narrow for anything but Cooler Master parts.

I am stuck. I emailed Lian Li as they don't have a forum. Hopeful that someone here can provide expert advice so I can power this thing up and (hopefully) make my son happy!

Thanks in advance!