Jan 22, 2023
Hello All,

I have gigabyte B660M motherboard with one ARGB header with max power rated 5A/5V

Initially my PC was build with one rear Arctic P12 ARGB and CPU Cooler with I35 ARGB fan from Arctic which are daisy chained with their ARGB connectors and plug in the one ARGB header which I have. I just got 2 more fans for top of my case which are again Arctic P12 ARGB and i did daisy chain with the 2 which i already had. The daisy chain for ARGB is 1st cpu cooler, then rear fan, top left and top right. But the top left fan is not in sync when i use effects.
You can see it on the video. I tried to connect that fan in the motherboard header then the one on right cpu and rear and them my CPU fan is out of sync it seems like 3rd fan in chain is out of sync which is weird. Thanks for any help.