Argh! Help! Freezing computer!


Mar 15, 2006
Well, this has been a fun night for me. It all started when I decided to have a go at overclocking my PC. I started by finding some software to monitor temperatures and fan speeds etc. and i heard that a decent piece of software comes on the disc I got with my motherboard (asus). Now, this requires Windows XP service pack 2 to install, which I haven't bothered installing yet. So I went through installing that, which went fine. Once that had been installed I got the asus monitor program and i also installed an Asus tool that automatically adjusts your fan speeds due to readings from your components taken every 30 secs. I was a bit skeptical, but i thought "Hey, why not try it".
Not long after installing SP2, the asus temp monitor and this Auto adjuster, did the mouse start feezing every so often (approx 30 secs), this became annoying after 2 mins so i went to uninstall the auto adjuster program (assuming that was the cause, as it seemed obvious), couldn't find it anywhere. Looked through windows add/remove programs, looked through program files, looked through all installed software using jv16 powertools and all i could find was the monitor i installed. So i deleted all traces (that i could find) of that anyway, restarted, and it still continued. So i did a system restore to before i installed SP2 and It still continues.
PLEASE HELP! It's been getting gradually worse, now programs are really unstable, they crash easily and when i try to end task/kill the process, it just stays there like a sack of shit.
ANYTHING would be appreciated! Heck, I'll pay you money if you help me sort this!

Oh and if it helps, Here's my specs:

AMD® ATHLON® 64BIT X2 3800+
2048 MB DDR400 PC3200
SATA 160 GB HARD DISK @ 7200rpm
Dual 128MB GEFORCE 6600GT PCI E on SLI


Apr 24, 2002
The Asus utilities are buggy. DO NOT USE THEM. USE SPEEDFAN.

Reinstall the Asus stuff; then immediately uninstall after a reboot. Go to Add/Remove Programs and get rid of them.