News Arm-Based Laptops Will Make Up 13.9% of the Market in 2023


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Yes. Ms should not be worried over gui stuff. It’s good enough. They need to give us a unbloated super stable platform, but they won’t

I need my computer to work and what I don’t need is instability because they’ve added a bunch of graphics Crap that doesn’t add anything.

Hell most of my time is spent in a bash shell doing automated builds
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The DigiTimes report also mentions that Arm-based Chromebooks are gaining traction — but to a lesser extent.
When I saw those stats, I figured they mustn't include Chromebooks, because I figured they'd be far higher if so. Honestly, I'm surprised by that.

there probably won't be any significant churn in laptop processor market shares until 2024, when Qualcomm's Nuvia chips are expected to debut — providing yet another boost to the Arm architecture.
Hmm... where's Mediatek? Qualcomm's 8cx Gen 3 is still based on X1/A78. We need someone to make a SoC with X3/A715.

That's one beef I have with Qualcomm. The other is that they're far too expensive. They're trying to price them like a premium product, which they're decidedly not. About the only thing they have going for them is better power-efficiency and I guess maybe built-in 5G connectivity that I don't personally even want.