Arma III/Arma II DayZ

Cake Is Gravity

Nov 20, 2012
I would like to get a computer that can run Arma III on very high settings aand at least Arma II on highest settings. What is the specific computer name...i can research the specs, and the price at the cheapest :D

Alex The PC Gamer

Oct 24, 2007
The engine they use for the ARMA games is very CPU intensive (but can use more than 2 cores if available). As for GPU, if you want to run ARMA II at highest, I wouldn't go any lower than a 560Ti or AMD equivalent and a intel I5 High end CPU (or AMD equivalent)...which would give you a stable about 40+FPS.

As for ARMA III, they haven't really worked out the optimal system for it.

If you're building it yourself, I would say your PC would cost about 1000$ to build a proper ARMA III very high setting rig.

If I was building a ARMA III system, I'd go with something like...

CPU: I5-2500K OCed
GPU: 560Ti SLI or Single 660Ti or higher (if you end up with a good deal)
RAM: 4, 6, or 8 GIG or DDR3 (again, depending on deals)
Mobo: MSI makes very good motherboard for overclockers...check 'em out.

The rest is up to you...