Question Arris Surfboard 6580 QoS/WMM help

Jun 11, 2019
My house uses an Arris Surfboard 6580. I am the only computer which uses an ethernet connection. Unfortunately, whenever someone streams over the wifi any game I am playing online becomes immediately unplayable due to the 300 ping that I get. I have tried messing with the router's QoS, but have thus far been unable to find a way to prioritize the ethernet ports over the wifi. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
I don't think that device has QoS. WMM stuff is wifi related stuff that I don't know is on routers it is used prioritize video broadcasts sent over wifi....kinda like a private tv station.

The only way you need QoS is if you are using all the bandwidth. That is rather hard on a cable connection since most are fairly large. The wifi connected pc would have to be able to use up all the bandwidth. Maybe it is using up all the upload bandwidth.

In any case the best option is to monitor the traffic on the wifi machine with the resource monitor and find out how much bandwidth it is actually using.

If it is using up the bandwidth you likely can limit its usage on that device.

If it is not using up the bandwidth I can't see how it affects your ethernet.
if you have less than 100Mbs internet the $50 ERX is a good router for SQM. If you have an extra router you can see if openwrt can be flashed to it. SQM speeds vary significantly across devices. The ERX can be flashed to openwrt and run SQM closer to 200Mbs. If you have 200Mbs+ you will have to spend $300+ to get SQM. It really shouldn't be needed at that point. If you are trying to share 25Mbs or less per person SQM is really nice.