Question Arris TM1602AP Unable to Connect to Internet

Mar 5, 2020
Please help
I have given back by ISP rental modem./router and got this New modem Arris TM1602AP/TW. Am unable to connect to Internet after that. My ISP says they provisioned it and changed the Mac and from their side they see it is up and no packet drops.

Surprisingly am not even able to login to when the coax is on. I can momentarily login when the modem is restarted but then it goes away.

Once the coax is removed i am able to login to the modem on but cannot get into advanced settings as it is password protected and none of the default (password etc) work.

In the Event log i do see some failures like time sync etc. and do see some 1970 time in between. The firmware is sometime in 2019. Is there a lock or something?

p:s i did a reset with the pin and also tried with a 30 -30 -30 cycle


It's actually not See if that new IP takes you into router's GUI. If the device is from your ISP, you should contact them about how to access the device. A lot of times, the ISP want to prevent the end user from getting additional bandwidth or tinker with settings they are not familiar with(it happens in my country, FYI).
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