Question arris vms and quantum gateway router cannot connect to internet


Oct 26, 2015
Howdy my dudes, I just wana start this off by saying I am not savy when it comes to networks. My family and i recently moved into a new house and subsequently had our router and modem replaced with the arris set top box vms4100 and quantum gateway g1100 and we immediately noticed that after setting the router up, the white blinking globe quickly decided to become a solid red-death star and hasn't changed since (with the exception of when it starts of course). When i head to mygatewayverizon ( and read about the router, it acknowledges my pc ethernet connection as well as the coax connection in the living room, but i notice that under my personal pc listing, its status is "Blocked", and it lists an ipv4 number, but under "Router Status", it says "Ethernet/Coax Status: Cable Disconnected" and IPv4 Address my desktop runs windows 10 and im fairly certain my drivers dont need updating, and that my coax cables (throughout the home) are fine and connected properly. I cannot ping anything, when i check the lights on my ONT (same as the last one i had so i was familiar with it) it suggests that the network is fine (solid green light). Did sum dB calculating to rule out any signal problems and they fall perfectly in the safe zone. I have reset and restarted the router and arris multiple times, have moved them all over the house like a mad man trying each cable and connection, i have the lan ethernet and wan catV in securely and am honestly just wondering if this looks like an error on verizon's end or my own. The router's wifi light glows solid white, but i still have a solid red globe. any and all feed back is greatly appreciated!