News Artec Sues Creality For Allegedly Copying 3D Scanner Software, Wants Kickstarter to Withhold Funds From Campaign


Aug 5, 2011
This has even worse actions than people realize. The situation is worse.
The Kickstarter is 'pulled' - although successfully pledged/filled on March 12, 2022 and the first scanners expected in April- now the site is gone, and the backers see an "unsuccessful pledges" listing for the scanner, despite once again - it being FULLY funded.

Creality claims they are trying to get refunds to everyone, yet many backers have not yet received one. On top of which, now, with pledgebox, they are trying to get backers to Pay Again for their units, except they are upselling the 'stretch goals' that were promised. You pledged the base unit? Cool, instead of the 'free upgrade' from the kick starter to get the Turn Table with it - "pay us more for the turn table", from the screenshots seen.

Keep in mind, the project was funded, and hit almost all it's stretch goals, so a free upgrade, 2 protective carrying cases, and a beanie should be going to every single backer. With this new pledgebox pay system, it doesn't seem to track you were a backer or not, and simply wants you to buy it again. (once again, before your refund has even arrived)

Honestly I feel another lawsuit is in the works, for failure to comply to Kickstarter rules - to where if a campaign is 'unsuccessful' - the backers are Refunded in full. The kickstarter lists it as unsuccessful, so therefore it should 100% be refunded.

As for the 'second chance' situation with pledge box - this just feels strange on many levels. If the Antec lawsuit fails creality - then the products would become 'illegally produced' and thus not supported, making them near useless (since they need dedicated software to run), if creality wins for some reason, then why the 'second chance sales' system? Just go back and send product to the backers, sure, delayed, but at least everything would be through the proper system without this back channel to get money.