Artic SIlver 5 (Results)


Aug 2, 2008
Sup People i told that i was going to post results on temperature drop after i apply the artic silver 5, well today it came to me and its setupnow im going to give whats the inmediate temperature drop on my case.

my old thermal grease was a total junk having a poor heat transfer of about 0.92 w/m.k

well this are the results
Using Tcase Temp ( i ve read that its more accurate to use than the coretemps )
Program To measure (Asus Ai Suite Came with my MotherBoard)
Inmediate Results
air conditioner off
Procesor (Qx9650) at almost Stock speed with a little oc of about 180-160 Mhz
CPU Cooler Thermal Take V1
MotherBoard Asus P5E3
Before Artic silver 5

Idle 38-39c ( on warm abient could go over 40 )
Load Prime95 after 15 minutes of test 65-70c depending of my room temp

After artic Silver 5

Iddle 31-29c (on warm ambient it can reach 33c)
Load Prime95 after 15 minutes of test 50-56c depending of my room temp

I recomend if u having troubes with temp then go for Artic silver 5 it can really help