Question artifacting gtx 1070


Jul 9, 2012
artifacting on cold boot and some times while playing games

Gigabyte auros elite ddr4
2*8 corsair vengance 3000 mhz
RX750m corsair (from old system which was upgraded from i5-6600k & asrock z170
Zotac 1070 amp extreme RMAED earlier with samsung memory now with micron
suggest where would be the problem
suggest where would be the problem
Show photo of artifacts.
(upload to and post link)

Artifacting can mean several different things:
bad video cable/bad cable contact (check cable placement/try with a different cable),​
corrupted video drivers (reinstall drivers),​
overheating of graphics card (check temperatures/reduce oc/downclock/reduce power target),​
failing graphics card (replace card).​
Artifacts are video memory issues in the vast majority of cases.
The usual reasons are:
a. defective memory bank (chip)
b. partial memory chip separation from the board (normally due to card bowing from heat due to overclocking, poor cooling, or poor factory soldering)
c. shot graphics processor memory interface line (static electricity or other reasons)
d. partial graphics processor separation from the board (same reasons as "b")

If it is "a" or "b" it would be fairly easy to repair (the affected chip has to be replaced assuming the board and pads are not mechanically damaged). In the case of "c" or "d" repair is not feasible - the card is too cheap to tinker with. You would be able to tell between a/b and c/d by addresses for errors on different banks or a single bank if you have access to the technical test suite for Nvidia (MATS/MODS). Usage by a good techy guy.
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