Question (Artifacting issue?) Replaced every part but ram+Monitor

Sep 22, 2022
I've been having this issue with artifacting? I think not exactly sure what this is. It's not present in every game but is present in enough of them to be a problem. I've been having this issue for months now and I've replaced everything in my computer except the Ram and Monitor. I've tried other monitors and I think the issue still wasn't resolved. I've read maybe bad ram can cause this. Either way this is a video of what i'm talking about from persona 5.

Also worth mentioning I've tried every driver rollback/fresh install thing I could find as well as doing a clean windows install just to see if it was some setting I had messing it up, nothings worked.

The issue i'm having is present on the books. This takes place on various walls and objects through out different games I've played. noteably looking the worst in Persona5 TWW3 and New World. Basically any game that has dense vegetation will cause this problem to spark up.
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