Question Artifacts and crashing not sure if PSU or GPU?

Dec 13, 2020
Hey all,

Hoping someone can help me!

I bought my Asus 1080ti (ROG-STRIX-GTX1080TI-O11G-GAMING) several years ago and have recently ran into a few issues in high-end games.

Recently I've had certain games crash, Warzone & Apex both artifact with little green/purple boxes and then the PC blacks out and restarts. I also got the device hung error a few times which just automatically closes the game and goes back to windows.

It seems to only happen in high requirement games but not in everything. I have checked temps and it's not going higher than 55c whilst running on stock clocks. I've also reinstalled latest drivers, did a DDU and updated Windows.

Running Furmark I get around 5FPS... with Power:1 / Volt:1 notifcations in the top corner, though it can be random and other times neither of these show and I get 25FPS+ not sure of the reason? It also seems to jump from 100% Power efficency down to only 40%. What's really odd that some games for example Overwatch or WoW run flawlessly with no issues and running 3D Mark doesn't cause any artifacts and completes fine.

I decided to buy a PSU Voltage checker which seemed to check fine, though when I plugged in the GPU 6pins it did give a low warning for a few seconds but then went back to normal. All the other voltages were running optimal.

I've still got warranty on the card so wondering if it's worth returning? Or could it be something else?

I'm really hesitant about sending off the GPU unless I'm fairly certain it's at fault so hoping someone might have some insight?

I've included a few photos of the volt checker without the 6pin and what happens with the artifacting after the games closes, doing a restart removes the artifacts.

Thanks in advance.
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The question is if that voltage tester is capable of detecting high ripple voltage or short voltage spikes.

If you've monitored the voltage the whole time and not noticing reduced voltage, then the PSU is most likely in perfect order.