Question Artifacts and random crashes


Mar 3, 2015
Hi guys, so i have had a RX 580 for 8 months now, until i had to replace my monitor with a 22" 1080p monitor without an HDMI slot, and my gpu's DVI slot has never worked, and being in a 3rd world country warranty does nothing for me.

So my problem is i got a HDMI-Dvi cable, it worked fine for a few weeks, until one day i was playing Metro Exodus very well then i had a number of horizontal lines on my monitor, but when i reduced resolution to 1600x900 the lines disappeared, i could still play games. but today i tried launching games but i kept getting crashes and event viewer reported this, "display driver amdkmdap stopped responding and has successfully recovered".

I assumed it was a driver issue and i used DDU to uninstall the drivers and reinstall an updated version, still same thing. then i tried to use my onboard intel graphics, the lines are even worse if i take screenshot they dont appear on the screenshots. could i have a dead GPU or the HDMI-DVI cable is busted?

Oh and just an addition if i try to run a benchmarking software like Unigine, the lines get worse and the application just crashes again with this in the event viewer "display driver amdkmdap stopped responding and has successfully recovered."
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