Question Artifacts / Flickering Issue Despite Rebuild

Oct 12, 2021
Hello! New to the forums but I've ran into an issue and hoping the community can help.

It all started when playing New World, I had logged around 15 hours of play time with what I thought was a rig up to the task of running the game.

MSI Z97 Gaming Mobo
Intel i7 4770 CPU
nVidia GTX 970 GPU
24GB Memory

First problem happened when second display went out, only single HDMI port worked. Then 15 hours into the game, my screen froze, game crashed and I had to reboot. I then could no longer launch the game and it would freeze at the intro. I tried other games such as Outriders via Steam, and Call of Duty Warzone which my computer has historically ran without issue, and was unable to launch / play either. The game would freeze, have shooting artifacts across the screen, and ultimately crash. This screamed faulty hardware to me at first. Replaced my GTX 970 with an "open box" GTX 1070 from an eBay reseller who claims to have received it directly from EVGA. I did various other trouble shooting specific to the game New World and ultimately had the same issues as I did with the 970, however the second display now worked. I tried launching the game several times and did various trouble shooting activities with the 1070. I removed, reinstalled from scratch directly from nVidia new graphics drivers, I also tried installing through the nVidia Experience dashboard with no fix. I fresh installed Windows twice with the help of Windows support to ensure it was done correctly. I have multiple displays, have used multiple different cables and ports.

I then decided to rebuild my PC from scratch, all new components with the exception of my 1TB SSD which is less than 1 year old. It was wiped clean and has a fresh, updated install of Windows 10 on it. Here are the new components of the rebuild.

TUF Gaming x570 PLUS mobo
AMD Ryzen 5 5600X CPU
nVidia GTX 1070 GPU
32GB Memory

This rig is surely spec'ed enough to run games, I reinstalled windows, video drivers and still experiencing the SAME issues.

List of current issues hoping for help on:
  1. Flickering of Windows trays, taskbars, etc.
  2. Flickering of applications such as Chrome, dashboard, steam dashboard, etc.
  3. Random artifacts shooting across screen / 5 second freezes.
  4. Can't launch / run any games that I previously was able to launch.
My latest diagnosis is the 1070 I received was problematic, or my old rig had mobo issues which potentially damaged my 1070 before putting it in my new build. Thoughts?

Thanks in advance!
Oct 12, 2021
brand and model of the psu?
what the cpu/gpu temp?
ran any memory / ssd health test?
old PSU - 650 EVGA gold
new PSU - 650 EVGA gold (replaced with new one in new rig)

CPU Temp - 41 degrees c sitting, 50 degrees c at New World Launch
(CPU usage spikes at launch to 80% plus)
GPU Temp - 34 degrees c sitting, 42 degrees c at New World Launch
*game launch black screened computer and crashed it

Memory is brand new, and SSD is less than a year old so no health test ran.



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