Question Artifacts/graphical bug?


May 25, 2018
Hello guys!
I recently bought a second hand Acer Nitro 5 laptop with a gtx 1660ti and an i5 10300h. I've just downloaded total war warhammer 3, and run the in game benchmark to see how it runs, and this is what welcomed me. These are apperently called artifacts(?) which means this gpu is on its way to the cemetery? Which is weird considering I did benchmarks on the laptop before I bought it and everything seemed completely fine. Even now if I run either furmark or heaven benchmark for longer periods of time (as I'm doing right now while writing this post) there are no problems, but as I get into the battles in game this shenanigan is immediately there. The temps doesnt really go above 80C because it looks like it throttles right there, which is fine I guess it's well below the dangerous territory. I did some undervolting on the cpu and gpu to get it to run a little cooler before, but nothing changes if I revert the changes. I've already reinstalled nvidia drivers, but it didnt help at all. Any help would be greatly appreciated.