Nov 28, 2021
Hello! For a few years I have been having artifacts problems with my GTX 1050 2GB. This used to happen randomly when I watched videos on YouTube and intensified when I started playing a game on a ps2 emulator. But a few days ago I tried playing a video game (Skul: The Hero Slayer) and discovered that in this game, for some reason, this problem occurs to me very intensely and unfortunately it makes it impossible to play with this.

This is what artifacts look like:

I also recorded it with shadowplay to see if the recording captured the problem, but no, I could only capture the problem with my cell phone.

This problem curiously does not occur at high GPU, CPU and RAM loads, it only occurs when I watch videos and play this video game.

To solve the problem I already tried updating drivers, updating the BIOS, cleaning the PC and reinstalling and formatting Windows. Aside from the fact that I already did stress tests on the GPU and CPU, I did more error tests on the RAM and at no time there was a problem.

I have had the PC for 3 years, except for the GPU that I have had for 5-6 years, and since I have the PC this problem has occurred to me, but it did not happen to me before with this GPU and my previous PC.
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