Artifacts or just wonky graphics?


Feb 27, 2017
Hey all,

I've had a few issues over the years with video cards, so any time I see a minor issue in a game I freak out a bit. For reference, I purchased a 980Ti about three years ago which I had to RMA three times. Each time EVGA sent me back a refurbished product, until the final time they sent me a 1070 Ti. Customer service was great, but that many RMAs for dead cards have put me on edge.

I've started noticing in games that I have odd issues with lighting/shadows with my 1070Ti, which is about 1 month out of warranty now. I clipped the following using Shadowplay tonight in Rainbow Six Siege and slowed down the clips a bit to show the issues. In the first, the door frame appears to be flickering slightly. In the second, a shadow on the wall pops in and out as I walk towards it and away from it. In the last, there is a texture on a desk that is just off.

Are these artifacts? Do I need to be on guard for my GPU dying again? Any and all input is welcome, even if it's telling me to chill out and that graphics bug out occasionally.


Edit: For note, I started monitoring my temps when I noticed these issues. The GPU was running at around 65 degrees, and the CPU was running at about 50 degrees.

Full build is: Intel 8700k, Aorus Gaming 7 Mobo, 16 GB DDR 4 RAM @3200 (G.Skill Trident Z), EVGA 1070Ti SC2, and various hard drives. If more info is needed please let me know.