Artifacts with gtx 570



Hello Everyone.
I have an issue with artifacts and i don't know how to proceed, i will try and write down all essential info.


Asrock p67 extreme 4
Corsair Vengeance 2x4Gb 1600mhz
Corsair HX650
Asus Xonar D1
Corsair SSD Force Series 120GB
500GB Samsung Spinpoint F3 HD502HJ
Samsung SH-S223C 22X DL Svart
Gigabyte GeForce GTX 570 1280MB (GV-N570D5-13I-B) reference card
Win7 x64 Home.

Everything runs at stock except the memory where i use the xmp profile.
CPU temp: 30-35c idle and stays below 50c in load.
GPU temp: 38-40 idle and 60-70c in load (depends what game)
Motherboard temp: 32-34c idle and about 35-38c load (depends also how hot it is in the room)
+12 volt rail shows 11.933 in bios.
There is no dust in the computer.


Polygons that stretches across the screen.
Textures becomes solid.
Pieces of the game world disapears and it's just grey.
Objects and textures flickering from visible to invisible.
Green and pink "cross looking splashes ontop of textures.
Some objects became green and black and acted like when there is nothing on tv (the grey white black pixels)
White flashing pixels over the screen.
Driver stopped working a couple times.

Screen flashing in blue quickly and it seemed to be some sorta red grid over the blue.

Unigine Heaven: Ran all 3, DX11, 10 and 9.
Flying green and blue artifacts which can be seen on the screenshot below.

What i've done:
Tried different nvidia drivers (uninstalled and used driver sweeper when changed)
checked cables in the computer.
Changed the Pci-e power cable.
Updated bios (reset to default settings after)
reinstalled windows.
updated all drivers to the newest version.
Reinstalled games.

After i reinstalled windows the issue disapeard for a while but came back after a week or so, i didn't game to much that week.
I sent my card in for RMA but they said they didn't find any issues with it and sent it back.
I used my old 8800GTS 512mb in the same pcie slot as the gtx570 while the card was in for RMA and i didnt notice any issues with artifacts so far with it.

I ran memtest86+ v4.20 with single ram stick and with both.
memory1: 24 passes 0 errors.
memory2: 20 passes 0 errors.
both memory: 13 passes 0 errors.
Changed memory socked and ran dual memory again with 10 passes 0 errors.

I tested my mechanical hdd where i have my games on with HDTune without any errors or faults.

I have no issues with reboots or bluescreens and in windows it runs good.

So it seems the memory is fine, the GPU is you guys have any thoughts or ideas about this issue?

cTs Corvette

Aug 17, 2011
Do you leave your PC on 24/7? A lot of people experiencing artifacting on their 500 series GPU's seem to have good luck with simply shutting their PC down-not a restart, a complete shutdown. These cards seem to have some sort of issue that develops over time, and shutting down your PC seems to "reset" the card. It's a simple "fix."


Nope i have it on 10-12h a day and i always shut it off when i go to bed.


The only thing I can guess is the PSU is sagging. While i'm not one to trust a manufacturer's "works when we tried it" diagnosis (i've sent ticking-of-death hard drives back to seagate that were found to be "good" before), i'd still try it with another power supply if possible, or get a volt meter and check your voltages under gaming/3D load and see what you're getting.
That's a lot of hardware for a 650w psu.

However it should be able to handle it, as long as your not overclocking anything, which you SAY you aren't.

How old is the psu?

I mean it's either your psu or video card.


I will get an new psu a bit bigger one incase i want to sli in the future. About the motherboard it possible it could cause artifacting?


Sorry for a quick double post here but it said i wasnt allow to edit my previous post.

CPU and GPU runs at stock settings, the memory i run with the xmp profile since i got it and the PSU was bought februari this year with the other hardware.


Got my new psu installed, hopefully it will solve my issues. I'll reply back when ive done some testing.


The first psu i got had some bad coilwhine so i had to sent it back. I got the replacement psu this friday and i plugged in the cables and had the psu outside the computer to test it before putting it in the case. It had the same whine so im thinking its a component or something that does it. I did try the tips on the corsair forum except testing it in another rig.
So i shut the computer down and was gonna turn it off on the switch behind and the switch is broken. It doesnt stay in the off state it just "flies back to the on state (like a spring) so im gonna rma this one too..darn bad luck.
I'm starting to think it's my motherboard thats causing issues for me, i put my graphic card in pcie slot 4 (runs at x8) and been gaming for about 3 days without any issues.
Im gonna give it some more time and see.