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Apr 2, 2023
A bit of introduction... Instead of spending my life time in gaming or modern development, I have worked on trying to pull the best performance (and effects) out from old 16-bit/32-bit consoles. I'm accostumed to a system that presents all of its features to the programmer (except for whatever the security system needs to restrict), and even be able to write my own optimized graphics lib for it. And, I don't know much about hardware per-se; I can read lots of documentation and work with the info I have, but I'm not a hardware engineer; I don't mind about the internals much. I'm on my 20s but already a boomer, oddly enough.

So, I have tried to jump into modernity, development and gaming, but I'm finding a lot of actual oddities (for this ocassion I'll ignore the MBR and Intel ME/AMD PSP talk; stuff that makes me want NOT to upgrade my Mobo until I upgrade every part of it according to possibilities, and label it as "old PC"; because I can literally run Windows 10 AND Windows 1.0 in here). For now I don't really thrive for the best performance, but rather, the best compatibility and hardware health.

After a whole lifetime of integrated graphics, I got my first dedicated GPU, an AMD RX 580. See, for one, I learn that there are or have been imposed limiations; why would Nvidia block GPU sharing with virtual machines? After some important globalist guy said "Nvidia <Mod Edit> you", I get that AMD might be more open in comparison. And turns out they got an open source driver for Linux, seems to work well enough, BUT it lacks OpenCL support. If *YOUR* GPU hardware offers a computing feature, why is it locked-out? What's the point (besides money, perhaps)?
Wish I could remember what I read about a licensing issue in better detail. I think it had to do with G-Sync/FreeSync tech, or video encoding maybe. But yes, we have been locked out from at least 1 good optimization/feature due to licensing issues.

What other oddities may I find on the way? And yes, the limited laptops BIOS does make me angry.
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Locked Bios is one thing, Open CL is a thing of the past, Linux is FREE, nobody pays them to make it work for you. If developers of Linux focused on Vulkan instead, that maybe a better solution. Nothing is locked in the card itself.