Question AS B450 Pro4 LED Fan Speeds

Feb 24, 2020

I recently built my first PC and I am unable to control the speed of my case fans. I have been able to adjust the CPU fan speed and the GPU speeds but not case fans. I have 3 LED fans at the front of the case and 1 non-LED fan at the back. All of them are connected to a chip on the back of the case which then plugs into the LED fan header. I have tried downloading the RGB fan software from the case/fan manufacturer(TT RGB plus) but it can't detect the fans. I have used the RGB software from the motherboard(ASRRGBLED) and it is able to control the LED of the fans but not the speeds. The case fans are not recognized in the BIOS or the ASRock ATuning software.

Motherboard - ASRock B450 Pro 4
Case/fans - Thermaltake V200 TG RGB edition