Question AS SSD Scores / games slow to load


Aug 20, 2016
Hello, i'm trying to troubleshoot why my games are taking so long to load up, especially arma 3. When I attempt to join a server it takes an age. I thought maybe this was due to it loading the textures? So maybe then my ssd were at fault? I downloaded as ssd and ran 1gb test on both ssds. Hyper x fury 240gb and Samsung 860 evo 500gb. Please see attached photos, is there anything wrong with scores? I had the game on the hyper x, then switched in to the Samsung but same issue.

Many games take a full minute to 90 seconds to connect/launch the game's level....all normal. Standard SSD takes 50 seconds, NVME takes 49 seconds...; i.e., storage speed not the issue.

(I've seen that with my 30 ms ping and 7700K/ 960 EVO I am often the first or second one in a server, however, even then, wait an additional 30 seconds for everyone else to connect and level to finally launch the level anyway in BF1)

You can use 4 NVME drives is RAID 0 in a PCI-e X16 slot adapter and this won't change....

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