Question As What Display with GTX 2060 Super

Aug 5, 2020
I need to update my current displays with newer ones.

I want IPS and 24" , and VESA mountable but beyond that I am lost with all the options.

I am not a hardcore gamer but want decent Monitors.

Would you you suggest?

I need two- a budget of $300 or less would be a help.

Turtle Rig

Jun 23, 2020
Thanks COLGeeki- Benq has been ordered !!!
Good job mate, that is a steal buy. BenQ is known for not having issues as all monitors have issues. Some have off colors some have white black lol and some have dead pixels or get them eventually. Every monitor panel has drawbacks for example IPS has the glow and VA has the horrible angles where if your even sitting straight ahead the top of the screens red color and bottom do not match and one is brighter then the other. This is why people now a days opt for IPS. However VA panels and TN panels are what pro gamers use, but since your not a pro gamer your fine. Also its impressive that BenQ gives you great sound and even a sub woofer to boot. Also it has blue light protection however the whites will look yellowish if you turn it on. Just FYI Windows 10 has blue light built in but still good for the monitor to have it and have a ton of other goodies. A great buy you got. Also you will get very accurate colors as BenQ is more of a professional Photoshop monitor. Im not sure on the bit depth but you would want 10bpp instead of 8bpp. Anyhow good buy and good luck and you can rest easy knowing the monitor won't come out defective or have future dead pixels and what not. 🆒
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