[ASK, please help me] updating BIOS to increase hyper transport


Jan 23, 2010
Hi iam newbie from small country. My question, I have AMD x2 5000+ 65nm brisbane and motherboard value zotac 6100 AM2. I am sure that x2 5000+ have 2000Mhz HT link, but i check at cpu-z it only show 1000Mhz. So, i read on the mobo. manual book that its only support HT1.0 and Athlon X2. Yesterday i open zotac official site. They have new BIOS, that it can be used on my mobo to detect athlon II X2. If i update the bios, can my HT processor increas to 2000Mhz?? Thanx
More than likely your mobo is a AM2 mobo which means that even if you update the BIOS, you will not get a HTT link speed increase.

I think that AM2 was designed for HTT 1.0 and AM2+ was set for HTT 2.0.

So the BIOS update will not pump your HTT link up to 2000MHz. Even if you put a Athlon II X2 in, it would only go up to the HTT 1.0 link speeds.