Question (ask) who is better rtx 3060 or rtx 2070 super?

Nov 1, 2020
nvidia has just released rtx 3060, I like changing graphics, and buying and selling, starting from rx 570, up to the current highest rtx 2070 super, I admit rtx 2070 super is currently the best, able to run all games with maximum settings at 1080p, including the heaviest game at the moment is red dead redemption 2, can run 30 fps with maximum settings, with 8x msaa, 1080p resolution, I want to ask if rtx 3060 will be as powerful as rtx 2070 super, able to run all heavy games with maximum settings at 1080p resolution?


At this time, we haven't seen any benchmarks to say, if or not it will. I would image at 1080p, it will be on par with the RTX 2070 super, as that resolution is more CPU bond than GPU. You'll get an added benefit of the updated Ray Tracing in the newer 3000 series card but to upgrade from a 2070 super to a 3060, to me, would be a waste of money. I could see going to a 3070 or higher as an upgrade but that would a lateral move or possible downgrade (we'll know when we see benchmarks).

You may be better off going with a newer Intel (10/11th) or AMD (5000 Series) CPU (if not already running) one to be less CPU bond on that resolution based on what your motherboard supports.