Question Asking for some help regarding the Fenvi FV-2030T


Mar 29, 2018
I have been searching for a good WiFi card for about 2 years now. My room is in no way going to get a wired connection anytime soon so ethernet is out of the question. All the wifi cards I have obtained have been unstable: not being able to recognize any of the 5Ghz channels or simply loosing internet after 20 minutes. I found this Wifi card on Newegg: card&cm_re=wifi_card--9SIADXZ81V9696--Product . From what I can tell, it is simply a m.2 to PCIe converter since it is using an Intel wifi chipset. I am fine with this because I heard and have seen that intel wifi cards are stable and rarely loose connection. Plus, it is easy to find updated drivers on their website. So here are my questions: will this card be able to recognize the 5Ghz channels? I know it says it supports "ac" connection but my previous cards claimed that too but couldn't even recognize the 5Ghz channels. It says this card has to have the modem be set at 160Mhz. What does this mean? Do I have to manually set the 5Ghz channel to 160Mhz in order for this card to connect to 5Ghz on the modem settings? Is there a downside to using only the 160Mhz channel?

If you didn't want to read all of that, here is the gist: card&cm_re=wifi_card--9SIADXZ81V9696--Product
Does this card(The card in the link) support all of the 5Ghz channels? Does it recognize these channels?
The website claims the modem HAS to be at 160Mhz. Does this mean I have to lock my modem at 160Mhz for this wifi card to connect to 5Ghz?
Is there a downside to locking and only using the 160Mhz channel on my modem for this card?
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