Question Aspire A315-41 Water issues.

Oct 4, 2019
Hi there,

I came looking here for some advise, maybe someone can pinpoint the problem:

So, during a heavy storm my Acer caught some rain water. At least it was soaking wet all around.
I tore it apart on the next occasion and did not find any water inside, just to be sure, took the battery and cmos battery out and cooked it for an hour at 50°C.

Well, its running.

But it has two major issues since then:

  • Battery is not charging. LED just keeps blinking and the power level remains constant. When i use the little "battery reset button" on the mainboard, it charges for some 10 seconds, and then stops again. I have measured my charger at 19V, and tried another one just to be sure.
  • CPU clock is locked at 400Mhz at any time. It doesn't clock higher. And so the machine is so damn slow, its barely useable.
Likely both Problems are an internal voltage issue i guess ?

I have an HWInfo Screendump here.

Any ideas are welcome

Would hate to scrap this device, it is just a couple of month old and everything. Thanks :)
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