Jul 20, 2010
I'm thinking about getting a gaming PC at some point but I might get it for Christmas. But how much does this cost?


I can't seem to find the price anywhere, I don't need anything like the keyboard, mouse, speakers, or a monitor mine will do 1050p, so if it all comes with that could I not get all that and save some money?

If its over $2000 then I highly doubt I would get it any time soon. My PC is horrible though, every time I play Eve Online I freeze, even when I play Grand Theft Auto 2 I freeze.

It looks to be pretty good. I'll mostly be playing things like Call Of Duty , Eve Online, Battlefield and Grand Theft Auto maybe some other games too but those are the big ones.

If its very pricey which I bet but if you know a good gaming PC thats like $800 or below (with atleast 6gb of RAM, I hate freezing so I can multitask and all that)