ASROCk 4CoreDX90-VSTA for intel e6300


May 16, 2006
its a great board if your stuck using your old ddr1 ram or even your old agp card. it hits a fsb wall limit of 300 sometims 315 but with a pencil-mod. i owned 1 for 3 months till i upgraded my vid card and my ram. now it sits there and collects dust.(the asrock dualvista hat is)


Feb 13, 2007

Here is an early 6300, you generally can get 10 percent with out trying. The one I have has been running Vista extreme for months now.

C2D 6300 clocked at 2.07GHz
Thermaltake big typhoon cooler
2Gig Crucial Balistix Tracers 800MHz DDR2
XFX 6800XT AGP version stock Vista 32 drivers
2 x Seagate 500GB 7200.10 sata's
Seagate 750GB external drive backup
Samsung Writemaster DVD burner
Sony floppy
4 port internal flash card reader running 1Gig SD in vista readyboost mode.
Gigabyte TV card
MSI Wi-Fi card
Coolermaster Mystique case with Raidmax 630 watt modular cable power supply
Samsung 22inch LCD display
Magicolor 2430DL color laserprinter

vista rates it at a 4.9 based on processor and gaming graphics both scoring 4.9
aero graphics is a 5.9
memory is a 5.4 Amd is faster here as you would guess
disk is a 5.6 I am not running in a raid configuration

For comparison a stock 2.8 GHz P4 with 1GB of DDR has a vista mark of about 3.0 so if you are coming from that end you should be very happy with your system and you should be able to get more over clock than I because in all likely hood you will have the new C2D stepping from several months ago than uses less wattage than mine.

Good luck



Jul 16, 2007
I ended up buying the ASRock ConRoe1333-D667 R1.0. ;s=775

I'm going to use the onboard video until i find a suitable need for a pci-e card (I'm not playing any games at the moment)

I'm going to buy 2 OCZ S.O.E 1GB 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 667 (PC2 5400).. the cas latency is 4 on these, and comes with a little heat spreader.

As for the processor, I've been back and forth between the e4300 and the e6300.. the price difference is only $30... so I'm going to get the 6300. :)

I think that should work for me :p