ASRock 939N68PV-GLAN and Graphic Card Compatibility for Wow


Jan 13, 2003
Hello all

Due to my gaming laptop dying and not wanting to buy a new system until Ivybridge arrives in April/May, I'm trying to improve an old desktop to run at more than 5fps in WoW and need to replace the integrated graphics solution.

My PC has an Athlon 64 3500+ processor, 3Gb RAM, a 500w PSU and the motherboard is an ASRock 939N68PV-GLAN circa 2008. These components are in a full sized tower case. My monitor is only 19" and I'm fine with lower resolutions. (easier on my aging eyes ;P )

Would this motherboard/system be compatible with a Radeon HD 5670 or would such a card be overkill with such an old single core processor? Any other graphics card suggestions for a budget of under £60 are welcome.

Many thanks in advance for any help.


Yes, a HD5670 should perform just fine on your system. While not a gaming GPU, it will perform MUCH better than the integrated video you have. Playability with WoW will not be a problem. Just don't crank the graphics settings too high.

Good luck!


Jul 8, 2011
Actually WoW is very cpu heavy. It is designed for people with smaller GPU's. Increasing the GPU will only help so much.

My system is an Athlon 64 x2 4400+, and my graphics card is an HD 4870. I was recently having a bottle neck issue that was causing my system to perform poorly in the 25 man LFR.

Until at which time I can build a new system I replaced my mother board which eliminated the bottleneck. I now get a playable frame rate in lfr, but I am not sure its all that much more than 5 at times. In the normal areas its around 30-35.