Question ASROCK b350 pro 4 fan header issue

Jun 30, 2020
Hi, i recently upgraded my cooling in my rig and i bought 3 SickleFlow 120mm fans and a H500 Case.
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i have the two 200mm fans hooked to 1 splitter and 2 of the Sickleflow fans on another as well, each operating a different MOBO header.
I bought a pack of fan splitters to remove them from operating on the PSU and i'm having issues with getting the RPMs under control.
I went into the BIOs to do the 'custom' option to control the fans based on the CPU temps but once i booted up the noise and RPMs were still reading over 1700-1800 RPM for the fans.

I tried to use SpeedFan and HWMonitor to try and get a better reading of what the issue is but only the SickleFlow fans that are on the topside of the case are showing RPMs and the 2 200mm case fans are showing 0 for RPMs in both Speedfan and HWMonitor.
All of the fans are currently running in the case, double checked to make sure.

my objective is to get the RPMs to adjust so that I dont wake my angry bear of a partner at night while they're sleeping. the noise from the fans/case don't bother me much.

any ideas or suggestions for what might be the problem? I'm not sure if i made a mistake with the fans or splitters. The research that I did prior to purchase made it seem like this would allow me to control the RPMs as i would like.
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