Question ASRock B365 Pro4 shutting down and ethernet issue

Jan 22, 2020

So I'm a little new to this but I bought some new parts to upgrade my computer (mobo and cpu) and I've got some issues:

Since getting the MB my ethernet connection dissconnects radomly. I am unable to restore function to it unless I reset my computer. Before I reset i looked at the driver for Intel Ethernet Connection (2) I219-V and there were no errors reported, and it was still enabled. If I try the disable option it locks Device Manger up, and then prevents my computer from shutting down (it just hangs on the shutdown screen). Using the troubleshooting tool in windows also just hangs. I uninstalled the driver and have used the one provided on the MB page on the ASRock website and the issue persists, random disconnects from the internet.

Another issue I seem to be having is the shutdown process. When I click shutdown on Windows, the os shuts down along with my keyboard and mouse. Unfortuantly all the lights and fans stay on. If I leave it for about 10 or so mins, my computer either shuts off, once it went back to my login screen. I'm not sure why this is.

All of my bios settings are at default and the lastest one is installed, please help.

CPU: Intel i7-9700k
Memory: HyperX FURY DDR4 4GB x 4
Graphics: Gigabyte GTX 1070
Storage: Sandisk EXTREME 120gb SSD
OS: Fresh Windows 10
-Corsair HX-650 V2 80 PLUS Gold Power Supply (6 YEARS OLD)
-Corsair Hydro Series H100x 240mm Liquid CPU Cooler
HyperX FURY DDR4 is available in 2400MHz–3733MHz speeds, CL15–19 latencies, single module capacities of 4GB–32GB, and kit capacities of 16GB–128GB. What you have is not known. I suggest using a part number and/or link to it if you want anyone to know what you are using.

A B365 Chipset motherboard is an unusual choice for a i7-9700k. It only supports DDR4 2666 / 2400 / 2133 non-ECC, un-buffered memory. It offers no overclocking features for a "k" Intel processor to use.

Aside from that, the motherboard may need a BIOS update to at least Version 4.00 for it to work correctly.