Question Asrock B450 pro4 VRM temp at idle 98c

Jun 30, 2020
Hello all, I'm a bit concerned about this stat showing at the A-Tuning application (software made by asrock, to tune and check mobo stats).

I`ve searched on the web and seen people having 60-70c temps on idle but on different motherboards. some people say below 100c is "safe" but since I'm nearly close to 100c I am a bit worried and would like to try to reduce this stat as much as possible.

Haven't done any overclock or any bios update. Tried reducing the strain to the system by reducing power consumption, choosing Power Saving mode, reducing clock multipliers of the CPU, taking off the VGA placing a fan close the aluminum fins of the motherboard but VRM temp didn't got reduced.

Ambient room temp seems to don't affect this stat as I've checked at different days, ranging from 24c to 28c.

PC build:

Asrock B450 Pro4 (1 week of use)

Cpu: AMD Ryzen 3200g with stock cooler

4 120mm fans

PC case: Mid tower Zalman case

VGA: GTX 1050ti

Samsung SSD:500gb

My questions:
What could be the problem?

Running the PC VRMs for long periods at nearly 100c will be safe?

Would placing aluminum heatsinks with thermal pads at vrms be a "safe" solution?