Question ASROCK B450 Steel Legend Bios Setting - - Turn on LED on S5 ?

Jul 17, 2021
Hello, so i have something to ask about my motherboard.
At first the RGB led turned off after I shutdown Windows, but after i installed the Asrock RGB Polychrome utility it went weird like RGB LED stayed on after shutdown.
Now that i found the only way is to turn off "Turn on led on S5" which i avoid before, i did and solved the issue.

So, i'd like to know if there is any downside if i turned it off? Because by default it was turned on. Does it have any use or it will be bad for my motherboard if i turned that option off?
I did read that deepsleep is disabled for stability purpose, the led turned on in s5 was annoying but if it serve some use then i want to know what it is for.

Thank you!
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