Question asrock B450M Pro4 amd ryzen 3 2200g stock cooler asking advice with some cooling software issues+

Aug 2, 2019
(not sure if i chose right cathegory so pls dont b upset just inform me and ill try move it if its wrong)

this the second pc i set up with ryzen 3 2200g on the 1st i used a gigabyte mb (had same issues even tried a thermaltake cpu cooler to try and fix which it didnt completely) and this one im on now with the above mentioned asrock mb.
seems these cpus temps like to fluctuate a lot (even in mostly idle situations) and it affects the fan control software be it in bios or windows..the result is unpleasant humming sound (especially the stock) because the fan rpm fluctuates same as the cpu temp too much and too fine for my taste (on hwinfo the graph is like saw teeth)...
ive read a bit about this issue ofc before i landed here and it seems the amd cpus have a "tctrl" sensor which btw i discovered via the "a-utility" from asrock...

now im unhappy tht i cant seem to change the sensor in the mb bios (which is up to date ofc) it has only 2 options in bios cpu and mb, default its cpu ofc..but it seems the cpu in bios is the above mentioned cpu temp sensor "tctrl"...i drew this conclusion because happily a-utility seems to have the 3 options instead of just 2 like in bios. it has cpu, mb and tctrl. when i use the cpu sensor setting via this software the problem with the saw teeths is solved it doesnt constantly rev up and down the rpm anymore.
it coresponds to the graph of hwinfos mb cpu sensor which when idling is rather a straight line not a graph full of saw teeth like the cpu(tctrl/tide) . btw these sensors shows about same temp movement as i ve seen so far but is 10 degrees celsius higher in the average. for example idle temp average cpu (mb) is 45.9 and cpu (tctrl/tide) 52.4.

now after probably rambling on unfocused my main problems:
1. am i missing something in asrock b450m pro4 mb bios which can also change the cpu cooler the way their a-utility does? (i always try avoid windows software for things which should b able to set up in bios)

2. can there be any disadvantage using the mb cpu temp sensor for cooling cotrol as oposed to the more detailed /fine sensor in the cpu?

3. im having also an issue where a-utility doesnt auto start because i have an admin on my win pc and a non admin acc which i use for web activity gaming etc and on this one i installed the a-utility and changed settings etc ..ive chked and it installed for the admin acc also and on tht one it does the autostartup perfectly...on the gaming acc i have to click the shortcut and activate a-utility type admin pw and run it in bkground constantly to resolve the rpm fluctuation issue which is kinda annoying ..any advice on how i can avoid the hassle and if bios doesnt work avoid having manually start the sofware everytime?!
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