Question Asrock B450M pro4 with cheap addressable rgb led strip not working correctly


May 15, 2018
Hi! I have an Asrock B450M Pro4 motherboard , but without any RGB in the system. This is almost heresy, so i bought a chinese addressable RGB LED strip (60LED/1meter, WS2812B).( )I bought a connector too for the Addressable RGB header on the motherboard, combined it with the led strip and it works, sorta...With the Asrock Polychrome software i cant control the individual LEDs in the strip, just the whole strip at once, like a normal, non-addressable strip (all LED-s showing the same color at the same intensity)When i try to adjust the LED count in the software, the 60 LED strip shows up as a 67 LED strip, if i go lower, the LEDs at the end of the strip begin to shut down one by one.If i set it to 7, the whole strip is shut down.Correct me if im wrong, but i thought the microcontrollers on the strip make a check-in row, with the first LED identifying itself as LED0, the next adds 1, so it is LED1, and then LED2, LED3... So how the hell can the software identify the first LED as the 8th? :D And how can i change the colors by individual LED-s? Please help! I think i need some kind of remapping and a better software to control the LED-s individually.