Question Asrock B450m Steel Legend - Ultra M.2 slot broken?

Mar 16, 2019
Hi guys, I just completed a 100% new PC build. Everything works except I can't get BIOS nor Windows to detect my Samsung 970 EVO Plus in my Ultra M.2 Slot. I've verified that the Samsung 970 EVO Plus drive works by plugging into another PC.

This is the build:

CPU : AMD Ryzen 2600X
MB : Asrock B450M Steel Legend
RAM : 2x Corsair 3000MHz Vegeance LPX 8GB
GPU : Gigabyte 1660 TI OC Windforce
M.2/HDD : Samsung 970 EVO Plus

I've tried everything I could find in forums, and I have done all this with my other SATA drives unplugged:
  1. Reseat the drive in the Ultra M.2 slot
  2. Mess around with boot settings including updating to latest BIOS, boot with CSM disabled, etc.
  3. Plugged my old SSD with Windows installed and ran Disk Management to see if it can detect the M.2 Drive in the Ultra M.2 slot
  4. Plugged it in the M.2_2 slot although I know it's SATA only just to try.
What are the chances it's a problem with my motherboard's Ultra M.2? Anything else I should try? I'd hate to have to dismount everything to return the Mobo :( Thanks!

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