Question ASRock B550M/ac giving me a bad day

Jan 30, 2023
Hello guys,

After a sleepless night trying to figure out what is wrong with my PC I'm still very confused.

Starting with Chrome refuse to open, I restarted the PC and the DRAM and CPU red light on the board went on but disappeared after bios comes on, when windows loaded it goes very low res like my graphics card driver is gone, second restart the M.2 wifi adapter starting to act funny, shows network but cannot connect to it, meanwhile the upper two USB port gone but other four and front USB on the case still works. Third reboot wifi adapter is gone completely only shows in device manager with the code 10 error.
Fourth reboot doing anything will cause the system to automatically reboot and stuck in a loop where it will go dark after windows logo and reboots again. Fifth time shut down the PC cause it to freeze at shutting down.

By this point I started to taking it apart and I originally thought it was a PSU issue so I swap it with the older one I have, same problem, shutting down doesn't actually shut it down. Take out three of the four RAM out, took CMOS out for 3 secs, same result, after reinstall the system it went better but running Intel wifi driver install results in an instant crash. I even reinstalled my CPU and cooler, ran Prime95 for an hour just to make sure it wasn't CPU that's dying.

Is there anything more I can do to diagnose what went wrong or should just go ahead and change the Mobo?

Much appreciated.

ASRock B550M/ac
Ryzen 7 3700X
32 GB DDR4-2133
GTX 1060
Seasonic Focus GX 650w


Apr 30, 2012
With that randomness, have you swapped out your main drive? Or checked for bad data sectors? Is like the system is not loading or cannot read/write data. Just a guess...