Question ASROCK B650M PG Riptide issue

Dec 8, 2022

I have a brand new pc with
16gb times 2 ram that is on the support list
ASROCK B650M PG Riptide
7600x cpu

The problem i have is that my pc will boot and work but after i shut it down and wait around a hour it doesnt boot
and shows a 2 red lights on the motherboard. cpu and dram.
The only way to boot again is to get the ram out and fiddle with it. Boot with only 1 stick or first do it in the second wrong.

The weird is after that i just add the second one. In the correct positions of the board. Restarting works and shutingdown also i just cant wait that long or i cant boot again. I already tried cmos.

What can this be? I also tried memtest 86 also weird 1 by 1 test of the ram it passes. But together i get errors.

What can this be?
I also updated to latest bios and amd chipsets from the official amd site.