ASRock Debuts World's Smallest AM4 Motherboard, Comes With DeskMini System

Asrocks spec page states a 19v,120w dc adapter - that makes more sense , the 45w i think is a mistake.

edit - Yeah the intel version which dropped last november includes a 19v 6.2a (120w) power supply.
Id expect the same.


Mar 26, 2003
I would rather see them supporting an 95w cpu on the motherboard so it can accomodate the ryzen 5 3600g apu coming out later this year.



There's also the Zen2 processors with GPU built in, when they arrive... plus the Ryzen5-2400G in addition to that Ryzen3-2200G.


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Feb 24, 2015

Yes, that is what ASRock told us directly. I am confirming, though, to ensure accuracy.
Jun 14, 2018
Would have loved this over the summer. Cheaper than the 2200g build I did in an InWin BQ656 and ASrock mini-ITX. Is the bios locked on this or can you do any undervolting/overclocking (mine is undervolted and the igpu is slightly OC'd, so power consumption and tdp are about even with stock)? Have a decent little htpc/720p light gaming rig for under $300. If cooling is decent, may swap to it when I upgrade mine to the 3300g when those come out.
I am actually looking forward to this - I have a PC that I have a Linux install on that I use only for office-work type of tasks. Web browsing, YouTube, and some retro gaming.

Multiple tabs on the browser will bring it to its knees, though, as it only has 4GB RAM, and is a Haswell Pentium (it's a Dell Inspiron Small Desktop PC).

That this is so much smaller still, and consumes even less power, well, I can see myself going small SSD, 8GB RAM, and an Athlon, and using it for the same purposes without it stumbling so badly with multiple browser tabs open (and I admit, it's multiple tabs on Facebook that are likely to do this).

Or, maybe, if it'll support Athlons that I hope will come out on based on the 3rd iteration of Ryzen. Even lower power consumption with about the same or better performance. I could almost see the original mistake of a 45W power brick actually being feasible.

I like this idea way more than I would've expected.

Here's the question - I get that the chassis is only 80mm high, less some offset from the MB stand and CPU socket... but won't a Ryzen with the standard Wraith Spire (a quick search reveals the cooler is 54mm high) still fit, even if cutting it close? I hope so...

EDIT: wait, I think the Athlon comes with a different cooler, and, if the photo in this review is right, looks shorter than the Spire...

Any which way, whether I go Athlon or lower-end Ryzen APU (2200g, or the presumed 3300g), I hope the stock cooler fits.