Asrock Died ?


Well im just to nervous to figure it out myself.

But just want to make sure something.

The northbridge died.

So i have Asrock E3G3.

Today a storm began.So the lightings wsnt missing. And my PC made that rumour (shutdown PSU kinda BOOM ).

I checked the PSU with short and it started. Tried with other mobo and it works. Removed everything from the mobo no signs of lights on it.

So i tried shorting the PSU again while it was connected to the mobo. The CPU fan spins but no Dr.debug or anyother light.

As everything is working i think my mobo died cuz of the ethernet cable. So im thinking to get wireless card.

Im right ?


Sep 13, 2012

Not completely fried, I think what he meant is that his ethernet port died.


No no . I mean that my mobo died completely.

I will get a new one soon (RMA it ) and there is a Q.

I dont know what killed my mobo but i suspect the Ethernet.

PSU / Ram / Cpu / Gpu still working. But that mobo no signs of life except when i plug the 24 an 8 pin , this thing here
gets really hot .