ASRock Displays B450 Motherboards At Computex 2018

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Feb 1, 2013
I thought the article was a good read and I liked what I saw but I have only one issue with the article, and I'm no genius or anything but the quad crossfire you mentioned sounds kind of silly. You should of mentioned how it would work with the available pcie lanes Ryzen has. I may not be 100% correct here and pcie lane configs may be different across different boards but...
As far as I am aware, Ryzen only has 24 pcie lanes, (some are disabled). 16 for dedicated graphics, 4 for storage and 4 for the chipset. If the board really had two x16 slots and you chose to do crossfire, you would get two cards running in x8 mode but! only if all of your x1 slots are empty. If you were doing crossfire with two cards and you put something in one of the x1 slots it would drop your crossfire configuration to x4 mode. quad crossfire in x4 mode sounds goofy!
It could make sense for a minor maybe but then again they wouldn't buy this board for that purpose.

John Heller

Nov 2, 2014
"The ASRock B450M Pro4 falls into the micro-ATX category as well. In terms of feature set, it’s almost identical to the B450M-HDV except for a few key differences. Unlike the B450M-HDV’s seven-phase VRM, the B450M Pro4 rocks a more robust nine-phase VRM and an 8-pin EPS connector. They also differ from each other in the number of expansion slots and audio codec. The B450M Pro4 has an extra PCIe 2.0 x16 slot while also employing the Realtek ALC892 audio codec instead of the ALC887 codec found on the B450M-HDV." How about mentioning the fact that this board has 4 memory slots. Kind of a big difference. Also list the ports on the rear panel too
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