asrock dual sata 2 motherboard


May 2, 2007
Hi all :)

I have this asrock dual sata 2 but reead elsewhere seeing how it's dual agp and pci-e that the pci-e slot is capped at x4 is this true?

please help thanks :)


you can have both AGP and PCIe card at the same time..even a third PCI for 6 monitors. And the video slot, iirc, is really a 16x one. this motherboard has 2 southbridge, one for PCIe and the other for the AGP, so not bridged slot as seen on some other motherboard that has both PCIe and AGP slot.


Mar 7, 2007
HI guys,

ive been looking at this board, where you can run a socket am2 or am2+ chip, a phenom and a next generation amd chip.
also i have a decent agp card that would allow me to use it until i save up for a better dx10 card.

i always have had an intel board. i have a p4 3.4 ht socket 478. so i know no matter what i get it will be faster. i was originally going to get a p35 and a 6750, but i would not be able to get the 1600fsb penryns to work on it, while i could get phenoms and next gen to work on the board above.

ok so my questions are :

what issues have you had? if any?
how does it overclock?
would it be suggested to add more heatsinks to the voltage regulators? like the heat pipes from other boards?
i have a zalman 7700 cooler and a case with 8 fans so i should be able to keep the board cool.

thanks for the advise

I can't get mine to run stable overclocking, but I'm not increasing the voltage. Alot of socket 939 boards top out under 1.5 volts, no matter how high you set the voltage. You can try setting your pci-e setting at "async" and drop the memory setting to 166. You might get a modest stable overclock by bumping up the voltage. As far as I know, there's no agp lock on this board, so overclocking with agp is very limited.


While I've never upgraded my system from the standard S939 CPU I originally installed, I do know that in order to use an AM2 CPU (not even sure about AM2+), you need the AM2CPU daughter card. This card has the AM2 CPU socket as well as the DDR2 memory slots. They were hard to find when I was looking for them (not so hard now). I would make absolutely certain the processor you want to install is compatible with this daughter card.

-Wolf sends

Edit: The bottom half of this page shows what CPUs are compatible with the AM2CPU daughter card.