Question ASRock EP2C602-2L+/D16 - HDD capacity limits?

Apr 3, 2021
I am setting up a home server and have chosen the ASRock EP2C602-2L+/D16 motherboard. The OS is installed on an SSD and I have 3 x 2Tb drives. 2Tb drives are connect to the SAS port via a mini SAS to 4 SATA connector. My wife bought me a WD Black 6Tb drive for Christmas and it has been running fine in my gaming computer. I tried installing in the home server and that's where the issue is. I connected it to both the mini SAS to SATA connector and to the SATAIII port on the motherboard for troubleshooting. It shows up in the BIOS and in the Device Manager, but does not show up in Disk Management. I tried updating drivers in Device Manager and it says they are update to date. When I go to the drive properties under Device Manager, and try to populate the drive info under the Volume tab it gives me the error msg " Volume information for this disk cannot be found". I have been unable to sort this out or find anything on the subject online. I am wondering if there is a drive capacity limit on the motherboard?
Please help.