Asrock Fatal1ty Z97 - Killer, Professional & Killer/3.1 - Thunderbolt 2 aic add-on compatibility


Jun 3, 2016
I am torn between the three Mobo's in question; they are all compatible with the asrock thunderbolt 2 aic card.

However, after looking at each Mobo on, it says the band width thunderbolt 2 speed is 20Gb/s for the Killer & Professional, but only 10Gb/s for the killer/3.1. I don't know why this is less? I thought it is the same board just sold with the 3.1 add on card?

I want to get the Killer to save a little money but concerned I won't be getting the 20Gb/s thunderbolt speed when I buy the add on (I know they're both fast and probably can't tell the difference but I am pedantic).

Any light on this issue would help. Although these are gaming boards they are the best suited (especially price wise) for an audio production PC I am building. the external audio interface (with soundcard) is thunderbolt which will help reduce the latency of playing straight into the machine.

Many Thanks,

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