Question ASRock FM2A88X Pro+ motherboard freezes at boot screen ?

May 10, 2021
Hello. I have PC with AsRock FM2A88X Pro+ motherboard: Pro+/index.asp

I just updated BIOS through UEFI Instant Flash (from 2.? to 3.4)
Stupid idea to update without good reason, i know, but it's done. And update finished without problems.
But after reboot pc always freezes at bios info screen, Windows not loading, keyboard not working and can't enter BIOS with F2 ?

I tried (nothing works):

  • disconnecting all usb devices.
  • disconnecting hdmi from NVIDIA card then re-connecting after power on.
  • opening PC and disconnect SATA devices.
Is something other i could try before i call for professional help?
Something which I can do without special tools, just with my hands?

But please give me detailed answer becouse i'm not very familiar with hardware :)

Or is there any way to restore old BIOS version?