Question Asrock H570M-ITX/ac won't boot with 11th gen Intel?


Apr 7, 2018
On Reddit and the Asrock forum people seem to be having trouble booting on the Asrock H570M-ITX/ac with an Intel 11th gen chip. It gives 5 beeps and that's it, and whatever people try, it does not seem to work.

I am reaching out because it is unclear to me if every buyer is experiencing this problem with 11th gen chips, and/or if there is a solution by now (did not find one).

Also, I do not want to buy the motherboard just to find out that it won't boot after putting everything together, but there are not many alternatives in my country at the moment around this price point (without paying more for the motherboard than my processor...).

As I am/was planning on buying this motherboard for my next mini-itx build, I am wondering if anyone found a solution to this problem? Should I wait until for 500 series motherboards are released in my country, or take the risk?


According to AsRock beep codes, 5 beeps means "Process Error"....whatever that means.

I wouldn't worry about it unless there's a lot of people in said forum having this issue. Keep in mind, the product is supposed to work with 11th gen CPUs. If it doesn't, that's what returns/RMA's are for.