Question ASRock mobo - stuck on splash screen after adjusting fan speeds

Nov 4, 2019
Hey people, hows it going? I'm new here. I have a ASRock z390m pro4 motherboard with a Intel i5 9400F CPU, ballistix RAM (4x16), Kingston ssd, Evga 650w PSU, and a msi gtx 760 GPU.

Everything mentioned is brand new as of this year, except the GPU. I've never had 1 problem until the other day. I booted my computer like normal, about to get down on some CoD, and I was at the ASRock splash screen. Last minute I thought "you know what, I'm going to try speeding my fans up from the BIOS while playing the game", so I proceeded to push F2 to enter the BIOS. I successfully changed my CPU fans to "Performance". I exited the BIOS and saved. The computer restarted like normal and proceeded to the ASRock splash screen. The option to access the BIOS went away, like normal, and the spinning icon appeared below the ASRock logo, like normal. About 30 seconds of the spinning icon, the computer restarts again with the same scenario. I proceeded to wait for the spinning icon to stop and boot to Windows. Well, it restarted a third time. This time windows attempted to diagnose the problem. I got the Windows screen giving me options to troubeshoot (reinstall Windows, Command prompt, troubleshoot etc.). So far I have tried a simple restart, I've tried system restore, I've tried a command in command prompt, I've even tried entering safe mode and that seemed to be the only thing that worked. When in safe mode it booted up fine and surprisingly fast.

Now, I left my computer alone after entering safe mode last night to get some sleep. I attempt to work on it this morning and now I can't even get to the Windows troubleshooting screen. Now what it does is it loads the ASRock splash screen like normal, with the option to access the BIOS, and then the spinning icon appears and just continuously spins and nothing ever happens. When I press the power button it restarts the computer, loads the ASRock splash screen and immediately says something on the lines of "automatic repair" then the screen changes to something on the lines of "diagnosing the problem" and it will just stay on that "diagnosing the problem" screen forever.

I am able to access the BIOS. I am not able to get back to the Windows troubleshooting screen. I was going to just reinstall windows and see what happens but I can't seem to do that now. Any input is appreciated!!!