Asrock p4vt freezes on post


Jul 2, 2009
I have a system with this specs:

Asrock P4V8+
450W PSU
Celeron 2.4Ghz
1GB Ram(512,256*2) 400mhz
Nv FX 5600xt Agp
40GB Hitachi IDE
Dvd RW

Recently i updated my disk with a new Western Digital 320GB AAAJS Sata . I enabled the Sata/Raid choice from the bios
and now during post the system frezee after showing CPU and ram.
I try soft and hard reset nothing...
I barebone the parts one by one but nothing.
I put back the old disk but nothing still freeze....
There is not problem of cpu overheat..
I dont know what to do...

*also when the system is turned off and i press the numlock the led freezes after 5 hits...