Question ASRock Phantom Gamin 4 not seeing my Intel 9700 6-core K series as an unlocked could.


Aug 23, 2017
hello all, hey in my BIOS when I go into the overclock tuning option that most ASRock boards have, it says that an Intel k series unlocked CPU is required to use this feature so I don't have any options to this "setting" whatsoever but I do have an unlocked k series 6 core i5 9700 CPU 8th gen, and everything works great and I can manually overclock it of course, but I'm curious to know if anyone has ran into anything similar and knows a fix? Thank you in advance :)

I have updated the BIOS to the latest available version and also downgraded it and neither enables this overclock tuning option. I like to use this option to get a couple of good bases set in that I can go back and then tweaked accordingly. But I don't have the option whatsoever because I have it not seeing my CPU as an unlocked version but when I run CPU ID or similar hardware monitor utilities it sees it as a k series processor just fine with accurate settings and specifications etc.